2013 ISKF National Championships

Dear Members of ISKF Nova Scotia,

We wish to sincerely thank you all for making the 32nd Nationals a resounding success! We can’t believe that it is over after all the countless hours that we have all put into the event. We received nothing but positive comments and praise from ISKF Canada members and event supporters. We are proud that each and every one of you contributed in some manner. 

Special thanks to all the committee chairs and leaders and volunteers, too many name, who dedicated themselves in the past year and a half in bringing this event into reality. Congratulations to all the competitors who showed to Canada  the true spirit and technical skills of our karatekas in Nova Scotia. 

We are confident that everyone will have lasting memories of the event and each one of us has been inspired to keep training and to improve our karate, in mind and body.

 Senseis Tony and Danny


Master Okazaki