Our beginner classes are dedicated to new members only, so you are not mixed with regular  members. This allows for specific instruction and you learn as a group. All those new to our club, regardless of previous martial arts training, are required to start in our beginner classes, unless you have previous training under the ISKF or JKA.

We practice traditional karate emphasizing mental and physical discipline and development.  We do not hit or make physical contact with another person with the intent to injure or harm. However, as in any martial or combative art, contact will occur with another person as a part of our normal training regime or in a tournament, e.g. by blocking, holding or otherwise, and injury may occur unintentionally or by accident. We stress control of techniques. While we offer the opportunity to participate in tournaments, competition is not required or mandatory as a part of belt advancement.

Interested in trying classes?

  • First two (2) classes are free to try.

  • Come wearing comfortable workout clothing.

  • Send us an e-mail to let us know that you are planning to try the class or ask any questions at

  • Pre-registration: Please print and complete by hand this Registration Form [PDF] and email it to: You must also bring it to your class. You cannot train unless you the complete form. There is no obligation for any fees until after the first two classes.

  • Classes take place at the King's College gymnasium building, off Coburg Road, Halifax, downstairs in the Aerobic/Fitness Centre.

  • the uniform (gi) may be purchased through the dojo, usually after a month of classes.

We offer two types of beginner classes:

1. Adult-Teen Classes (ages 13 and older)

           Term: each Saturday 11:30 am-12:30 pm  starting Sept. 21, 2019 to Dec. 14, 2019.

            Fee:  $65 per person for the entire term

After the first term of classes, the member is integrated into our regular intermediate classes at the standard fees of $65 per teenager/student and  $110 for an adult per each 4 month term. 

2. Youth Classes (7-12 years) and Parent/Adult together Youth(7-12 years)

           Term: each Saturday 9:00-10:00 am starting Sept. 21, 2019 to Dec. 14, 2019. 

           Fees:    $65 per child for the entire term

                        Family of 2 (1 adult 1 child): $120 and $30 for each additional family member.

We offer  beginner classes for youth (7-12 years) with the opportunity for parent(s) or adult family member to train with the youth. Classes are designed to be fun while learning self-defense, physical conditioning and developing focus of mind and body. Parents are encouraged to participate with your child. Due to the popularity of this class, we often can only offer it once a year in September. Feel free to contact us with any questions. 

Following the 4 month session, the members are integrated into our regular  parent-youth  classes on Saturdays at 9am. Please see the Members section for the complete fee schedule for the classes following the beginner session. 


* If you have further questions, please contact us via email at



King's College gymnasium, downstairs in the Aerobic Centre. Come off 6350 Coburg Road through the main stone gates of Dalhousie University onto Lord Dalhousie Drive. The King's College Gym building is the second building on the right, after the King's College Library. Parking is available in the lot between the Gym and the Dal Life Science Building. Go to the entrance of the building that faces the King's College Library. Go downstairs and you will see the dojo. Please do not leave your belongings in the change rooms and bring them into the dojo.