Goodwill Tournament 2017

Adult-Youth (13yrs+)

King’s College Gym, Coburg Road, Halifax, NS

10:00am,  Saturday, November 25, 2017


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 Male-Female:      white-orange belts (kata/ippon kumite)

                                 green-purple  belts(kata/jyu-ippon kumite for semis and jyu kumite for finals)

                                 * Divisions: 13-16 yrs and 17 yrs and older

Team kata : 13-17 yrs  Yellow-Purple     mixed female/male teams permitted


Male                       brown belts (kata/ jyu kumite)

 Female                 brown belts (kata/ jyu kumite)

                                *Divisions: 13-16 yrs and 17 yrs and older


Male:                     black belts (kata/ jyu kumite)  

Female:                black belts (kata/ jyu kumite)

                               * Divisions: 17-44 yrs and 45 yrs and over

Team kata (brown/black)-Mixed female/male teams permitted


$5.00 per person for all events

All Semi Free and Free Kumite participants must have approved white color hand protectors and mouth guard.