ISKF MARITIME Goodwill Tournament 2019

King’s College Gym, Coburg Road, Halifax, NS

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Parents/legal guardians for child must preregister on or before April 6, 2019 HERE 

Adult competitors must preregister on or before April 6, 2019 HERE


$5.00 per competitor (one fee for all events) payable to your instructor

Free sparring participants must have white color hand protectors and mouth guard

Youth Tournament (7-15 yrs.) 9:00 -11:30 am

Boys-Girls            7-9   White belts (kata/sambon kumite)                                           

Boys-Girls            7-9       Yellow-orange belts (kata/sambon kumite)                                          

                                7-9       Green-purple belts (kata/jyu ippon kumite)

 Boys-Girls          10-12     White belts (kata/sambon kumite)

                               10-12     Yellow-orange belts (kata/sambon kumite)

 10-12     Green-purple belts (kata/free sparring)

13-15     Green-purple belts (kata)

Boys 13-15 Green-purple -free sparring  

Girls 13-15 Green-purple -free sparring  

Boys-Girls  10-12      Brown-black (kata/ free sparring)                        

Boys                     13-15      Brown-black (kata/ free sparring)

Girls                 13-15     Brown-Black (kata/ free sparring)                               

 TEAM KATA (Register with your instructor)

  • White-Purple       7-15          boys/girls   

  • Brown to Black    7-15          boys/girls   

Adult Tournament (16 yrs. and over) 1:00-4:30pm  

White-Brown 16 yrs. and over

 Male-Female:      white-orange belts kata/sambon kumite

 Male-Female:      green-purple belts kata

Male:                       green-purple belts-free sparring

Female:                  green-purple belts-free sparring

Team kata-Yellow-Purple     mixed female/male teams permitted

Male                    brown belts (kata/ jyu kumite)

Female                brown belts (kata/ jyu kumite)

 Black Belts

Male 17-44 yrs.             kata/ jyu kumite 

Female 17-44 yrs.          kata/ jyu kumite

 Male 45 and over           kata

Male 45 -55 yrs.              jyu kumite 

 Female 45 and over       kata

Female 45 -55 yrs.          jyu kumite 

 Team kata (brown/black)-Mixed female/male teams permitted(Register with your instructor)

38th ISKF Canada National Championships

Calgary, Alberta

May 16 - 19, 2019

Registration for this year’s Nationals is now open.

37th ISKF Canada National Championships

Quebec City, Quebec

May 17 - 20, 2018


Huge congrats to the Nova Scotia competitors at the 2018 Championships. Success is not measured by medals but it was one of the largest number of medal wins in recent memory. Over 200 competitors were in Quebec City from all across Canada. Thanks to Senseis Dan and Paul for judging and to them and Sensei Andy for training and preparing the competitors.

Women provincial team kumite: Silver
Felicia Strickland
Chenlu Shao
Qingyu Li
Kathy Ryan

Men provincial team kata: Bronze
Andy Allen
Alex Gareau
Yuan Yao

Women provincial team kata: 4th
Felicia Strickland
Chenlu Shao
Qingyu Li

Sheri Gareau, Sr. women black belt kata: Bronze

Andy Allen, Sr. Men black belt kata: Gold

Alex Gareau, 18-22 yrs men black belt kumite: Gold

Gauvin Murray, 12-14 yrs. boys black belt kumite: Bronze

Dimitry Ilyushkin, adult brown belt kata: Silver

Dana Farina, adult green-purple kata: Silver