"This is an amazing club with an incredible sense of community. I joined ten years ago in the parent-youth program and never looked back. Karate offers something to all ages and all skill levels. The instructors are respectful and genuinely want to see you improve. I highly recommend signing up with your children."

Denise King


"The Halifax-International Shotokan Karate Federation (Dal Karate Club) is unlike any other Karate club in the region. At the forefront are Sensei's Tony and Danny Tam - a pair brothers with a combined 84 years of karate experience! These 8th dan's (8th degree black belts) not only possess knowledge and skill, but are the embodiment of karate-do. Operating with integrity, fairness and a genuine passion for teaching. The membership of Halifax-ISKF may vary in age from 7-70 and range in experience from 7th dan to 7th kyu, but each and every member is treated with the same degree of respect and importance to the club. Supporting the Sensei Tam's are a group of dedicated volunteers, ensuring that this not-for-profit club provide not only fun and fitness - but the best value traditional Martial Arts experience in Nova Scotia. Go ahead... Google it!"

Carman Mills


"Instructors are very respectful and motivate participants to achieve success through striving for self mastery. The club offers engaging adult, youth and parent and child classes that grow confidence and fitness. A fantastic club!"

Diane Chisholm


"Great dojo. Instructors are experienced and very helpful. I met many people there who have kept on training for over decades, which is very inspiring. It truly shows karate training is a lifelong experience."

Quinyu Li


"Excellent club and instructors. Classes are well balanced between kata, kumite, and self defence and are available for members of all rank and skill level. Instructors make a concerted effort to engage students and lead by example. Solid foundation in traditional shotokan karate-do. Instructors are technically proficient and approachable."

Matthew Robinson


"I joined 6 years ago to train with my son who was in junior high. He has gone off to college but I continue to train. Senseis Tony and Danny are among the best instructors in Canada along with the many senior students. It is a great not-for-profit community. The rates are incredibly good." 

John McGowan


"I joined the club on January 2012 at the time when I started my master’s degree. My goal when I first joined the club was to keep myself active to be productive at school; but what I found was great instructors and trainees who provided and still providing all kind of supports to help you to improve yourself. And now I have my third black belt degree and a number of medals and trophies (provincially and nationally). Training karate helped me as a graduate student (master & PhD) to have active body and sharp mind. Great classes from great instructors. You should try it , you won’t regret!"

Mohammed Alnusayri


"I joined the club in the Spring of 2011, starting in the Saturday morning Parent-Child class along with my wife and kid. 4 1/2 years later I and my wife are still with the club and are now black belts.

I originally joined for the fitness aspects of the training, but the nature of the training has opened my mind for better mental focus, clarity and a whole new perspective on interacting with people.

The club instructors, every one of them a volunteer, are fantastic and very approachable. That doesn't mean they go easy on you - they encourage you to push yourself that little bit further each time, and its the challenge of that interaction that keeps me coming back.

I highly recommend you give the club a try. You won't regret it."

Don Godreau