Halifax International Shotokan

Karate Federation

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                                                                                                                   MUSHIN  Clear Mind




  • adults, teens and youth /Parent-youth

    • Accepting beginners throughout September. SEE BEGINNERS LINK for details 

  • university students, faculty and staff

    • Accepting BEGINNERs throughout September. SEE university LINK for details 

  • Check member's link for class start times in September  

Halifax International Shotokan Karate Federation  is a Shotokan karate club dedicated to the promotion of non contact karate-do, the "Way of the Empty Hand" as founded by Master Gichin Funakoshi . The original club, Dalhousie Karate Club, was established in 1979. Today, the Halifax ISKF is associated with ISKF dojos nationally and internationally.  Head instructors Sensei Tony Tam and Sensei Danny Tam, 8th degree black belts, are the highest ranking certified ISKF instructors in Eastern Canada,  with over 43 years teaching experience each.

We provide a full range of classes for university students, youth (7 yrs. and older), teens, and adults at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels.

We hope this web site will provide an ongoing source of information to both our members and those who wish to try karate for the first time.


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