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MUSHIN Clear Mind



  • No class Sat. April 27 for 11:15 am white, yellow-purple class. Members now train at 10:00am on Saturdays for May and June.


  • SPRING-SUMMER DUES PAYABLE by MAY 12. see Membership-Fee section

  • Please read Dojo Ettiquette and Rules in Members link.

Halifax International Shotokan Karate Federation  is a traditional Shotokan style karate club dedicated to the promotion of karate-do, the "Way of the Empty Hand" as founded by Master Gichin Funakoshi . The original dojo, Dalhousie Karate Club, was established in 1979. Today, the Halifax ISKF is associated with ISKF dojos nationally and internationally.  Head instructors Sensei Tony Tam and Sensei Danny Tam, 8th degree black belts, are the highest ranking certified ISKF instructors in Eastern Canada,  with over 44 years teaching experience each.

We provide a full range of classes for university students, youth (7 yrs. 18), and adults at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels.

Joining Our Club


 We offer dedicated beginner classes to adults-teens (13 yrs. and over),students and faculty and staff of Dalhousie University and Kings College and to youth (7-12yrs) with the opportunity for parents or adult relatives to train with the youth. The youth parent class is very popular and provides an interactive environment for parent and kids. New students can register for Beginner Classes in January and September of each year but the youth-parent classes are offered only in Sept. of each year. Please go to our BEGINNERS page for more details. 


It is our dojo philosophy and policy that those with prior martial experience start in the Beginner class regardless of rank. We believe this is essential to properly learn the principles of ISKF Shotokan. We have had many karatekas, from colour to black belts from other karate styles and associations undergo this process successfully. It is not to disrespect your ranking in another karate style but to respect the ISKF methods of training and ranking system. In our experience, those with prior karate training, other than Shotokan, will progress quickly through our ranking system to reach their rank prior to joining our cub.  Those with Shotokan experience will be accessed in due course to determine their ranking under the ISKF.